Houston Museum of Natural Science
In 2022, the Houston Museum of Natural Science hired Tangelo Design Studio to handle their rebrand. Joel Bartsch, President and CEO of Houston Museum of Natural Science, had seen some of Kate’s animation work and wanted her expertise to bring their new logos to life.

The museum’s primary exhibits include The Cockrell Butterfly Center, the Hall of Ancient Egypt, and the Morian Hall of Paleontology. Kate created three different animations for each of these exhibits. The goal was to bring life and animation to the logos. 

Kate started this process by watching videos of butterflies. She applied what she saw, along with the principles of animation, to have the butterfly flying across the screen. After completing the butterfly animation, the Houston Museum of Natural Science signed Kate to create animations for the other exhibits, including an Egyptian eye and a triceratops.

Houston Museum of Natural Science creates, on average, 50 videos each year to build awareness for its exhibits via its website and social media channels.

Adobe After Effects

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